Well Qualified Buyers

All loan programs offer better terms to well qualified buyers.  Our elite loan programs go beyond the norm.  Whether you want the best rates or the easiest qualifying, we have the loan programs you deserve.


You’ve been careful with your money and responsible with your credit.  Reward yourself with one of our elite mortgage loans for well qualified buyers!

  • Lowest Rate Options – We work with the wholesale lender with the most aggressive pricing in the whole country.  No other Central Oregon lender can make this claim.  Your great credit rating an our great lender rating mean you get a better deal.

  • Easy Qualifying Options – We have elite programs with easy underwriting that reflects your good credit.  Get a great rate without being run through the wringer.

  • Nationwide High Balance Loan – Traditionally, jumbo loans have meant higher rates and much more rigorous qualifying.  Our high balance loan program doesn’t punish you just because you are seeking a higher balance loan.

  • Bank Buster Jumbo Loan – This jumbo loan offers great rates and easy qualifying.  Avoid the run around from the big banks with this unique loan product.

  • Elite VA and USDA and FHA Programs – Sometimes a government backed loan is the best fit.  We have government loan programs for well qualified buyers that reward you with the best rates.