Why Work with a Local Lender?

The big banks and internet lenders invest in flashy ads and big marketing budgets.  We invest in relationships, our reputation and our community.


No one will work harder to provide the best possible transaction

A lot of people thing the big banks and internet lenders got big by being successful lenders.  That’s not necessary true.  Many of them got big through acquisitions and obscene marketing budgets.  In the case of a mortgage, the best deal and the best service is be right around the corner.

It all comes down to accountability and motivations.  A large institution needs your loan to keep the marketing budget flowing and the machine rolling.  Your local mortgage broker has different motivations entirely.  We see you at the grocery store and at our kid’s sporting events.  Your referrals and repeat business are the lifeblood of our business.  We are motivated to make sure you have the smoothest transaction at the best price.

As mortgage brokers we are primarily accountable to you but it goes beyond that.  We are also accountable to your Realtor and the other professionals involved in your transaction.  You may have been referred to us by your Realtor.  The last thing a Realtor wants is to provide a referral to someone that doesn’t get the job done.  Not only will we lose their business, they may work in an office with over a hundred other Realtors.  Our reputation is everything and the only way we can protect that is by doing a great job for you.