Working with your Realtor

It’s your Realtor’s job to make sure your purchase is as smooth as possible.  We work closely with them so you have a finely tuned machine on your side.


In theory, your Realtor helps you find your home and your loan officer helps you finance it.  It practice, it is more of a coordinated process.  I work with your Realtor to make your search more efficient and to help get your offer accepted.

  • Pre-purchase Assessment – Make sure you are shopping in the right price range with a pre-purchase assessment.  We review your income and debts and let you know how much house you can afford.  We also look at your situation to make sure there are no barriers that would prevent you from purchasing. 

  • Pre-approval – In a competitive market such as Central Oregon, it is essential that your offer has a pre-approval letter to go along with it.  Our pre-approvals mean you are ready to buy.

  • Property Specific Loan Analysis – We will calculate your monthly payment for any house you are interested in.  We will also make sure you can still qualify.  Similarly priced properties can have payments varying by as much as $500 a month due to taxes and home owners association dues.

  • Guidance in writing offers – Some loan types take more time to close than others.  You may seller credits to fit your budget.  You may need to alter your financing plans to make your offer more attractive.  We work with your Realtor to make sure the offer fits your financial and home buying needs.

  • I work when your Realtor works – Many offers are written in the evenings and on the weekend.  I’ll get you both what you need fast so you can get your offer in first.

  • Communication – I make sure that all parties are on the same page to proved the smoothest transaction possible.